Stress Relief at a Massage Parlor

I undressed and put the robe on. A few minutes later, a woman came in who didn’t look to be much older than I was with long brown hair. She handed me a towel, and told me to take off the robe, lay on my stomach on the table, and cover myself with the towel. I did this and she began to oil and massage my neck, shoulders, and back. As she was getting lower she instructed me to roll over. I was confused but did as she asked because the massage was feeling wonderful.

It was exactly what I had needed to relieve stress. She began to message my breasts. I did not complain. I had only seen this happen here I never imagined that it would happen to me. I must admit, after the initial shock, I was beginning to enjoy myself. She oiled my pussy and massaged my clit. I moaned as she massaged slowly at first. Her hands felt amazing. I moaned louder biting my lip as her hands moved faster. Her hands moved faster, and I screamed as I climaxed. I was no longer feeling stressed, and I knew that the next time I was feeling stressed I just needed to make an appointment to get a massage.

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Backseat Quicky In The Parking Lot

I was finishing up my third double shift this week. I was exhausted. As I was heading out of the back door of the restaurant I heard a voice behind me. It was Joslyn. She was one of the waitresses at the restaurant. “Do you want to go out for drinks tonight?” I was so tired that the only thing that I wanted to do was go home and go to bed, but this was Joslyn asking, and I would do anything for the most beautiful waitress ever. “Sure.”, I said. “Just let me go home and shower first.”

“Pick me up around ten.”, she said with a smirk jokingly punching me in the shoulder.
I climbed into my car and drove home to shower and change. I put on clean clothes and got back into the car to pick up Joslyn. She was waiting for me at the door wearing green booty short and a tank top. I fought hard to control myself, but I could feel my dick throbbing as I was hoping to get a sneak peek of her pussy as she moved her legs to get into the car. My inkling was correct that she wasn’t wearing panties. I briefly saw her pussy lips as she settled beside me in the passenger seat. My dick got harder. I pushed the thoughts that were forming out of my head briefly, and we headed home.

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