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I had been looking at different adult websites for several months, but I could not find one that was realistic enough, and I could not find an adult website to cater to my needs and wants so I set out to create my own. I was looking to be sexually stimulated so I knew that I would have to create a website tailored to my needs and wants. I just knew that someone else would be interested in the same things that I was interested in. This helped to squelch any fear that I may have had about not getting traffic to my website. My website would contain stories and videos of sensual, naked encounters. Being the creative director, I want explore and post scenes of public blowjobs, surprise sexual escapades, and fantasies come true. I want others to take pleasure in feeling the sensations of arousal and foreplay for themselves or for teasing someone else into the perfect orgasm. Viewers and subscribers will be entertained, relieve stress, fight insomnia, feel amazing, and have fun. The goal of this website is for others to explore their sexuality and enjoy the ride.

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